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Friday, January 17, 2014

Housing Bust in Canada

Mish Shedlock is notable for getting credit as a component of a lack of hyperinflation in that great debate.  He is mystified as to how his predictions of a real estate bust in Canada have not yet occurred.
No one knows for sure precisely when any bubble will burst. I got the US housing bubble correct but missed Canada by a mile.Read more at
This is easy: Canada requires a 20% down payment and there is no mortgage deduction on Canadian taxes.  So those seemingly insignificant points actual have profound effects.

For a decade most homes in USA were bought with nothing down, sometimes even negative LTV, but in Canada someone actually had to demonstrate enough discipline to save a down.  A much more responsible customer base.

Next, with mortgage interest deduction on taxes in USA, buying a house is a tax dodge, making the reason for having a house to that extent abstruse.

When it comes to usury (interest) even slight rules can have large effects.

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